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Measuring an Era

The Smart Communities pilot has reached its quantitative goals, but its impact goes even further

Job Search 2.0

By linking help with technology to employment assistance, the Englewood FamilyNet Center doubles up what it offers local residents


Report: Web Use Way Up in Smart Communities

New report shows Internet use up by 15 percent in LISC Chicago's Smart Communities.

Small, Smart and Ready

Thanks to a well-designed series of workshops, dozens of small businesses in Pilsen are better prepared to succeed.

Lessons for Life

With support from Comcast, a tech training in Englewood helps local residents get ready for school and career.

Technology and neighborhood youth – a missed opportunity?

Young people in underserved neighorhoods have more access to digital technology than one might expect. But are they connecting to tools that will help them build a better future?

Englewood Smart Community: A Video

This video summerizes how much the Smart Communities program is doing in Englewood.

Tech Classes Offer Opportunity In West Humboldt Park

With a new netbook computer and the skills to use it, graduates from the Chicago Commons computer trainings are ready for the new year.

Smart Communities Wins Planning Award

The Illinois Chapter of the American Planning Association gives Smart Communities its 2011 Implementation Award

Auburn Gresham Celebrates in Style

For its second annual Red Carpet event, the Auburn Gresham Smart Communities program showed off all that it offers

Neighborhoods Celebrate Their New Digital Skills

The Broadband Launch event brought together five Smart Communities to recognize all that’s been accomplished and what comes next

Graduation Day Means New Technology

The Earned Computers for Training program distributed its first rounds of netbooks to graduates at joyous ceremonies in the Smart Communities

Argonne Lab Showcases Science Careers

Students in the Digital Youth Summer Jobs program visited Argonne Labs to see the cutting-edge of technology

Portal Party Celebrates Two Years of the Pilsen Portal

Residents come out to hear about the growth of the Pilsen Portal and to enjoy local food, drinks and music

Portal News: West Humboldt Park Library Dedicated

When the new Richard M. Daley branch of the Chicago Public Library opened in west Humboldt Park, the Humboldt Park Portal was there to cover the news for the community.

Smart Communities Part of Mayor's Digital Town Hall

Residents of Englewood, Auburn Gresham and Chicago Lawn deploy newfound digital democracy skills at Facebook town hall meeting with Mayor Emanuel.

Employers Gear Up to Hire 61 'Digital' Youth

A potentially life-changing experience is in store for 61 youth as the Smart Communities program prepares for its second year of Digital Youth Summer Jobs.

Veterans Training Program Begins

Tech organizers Jimmy Prude and Demond Drummer hosted a joint orientation to Smart Communities on June 2 with veterans from the Auburn Gresham and Englewood communities.

New Crew of Techies Graduates in Pilsen

More than two dozen residents in Pilsen received a Certificate of Digital Literacy as the first graduates of the community's Civic 2.0 course

Smart Communities Teams Host D.C. Delegation

Two crowded rooms and plenty of stories provided a vivid picture of Chicago’s Smart Communities Program for a Washington, D.C., delegation checking up on the federally funded effort.

Auburn Gresham is a Smart Community

The Greater Auburn-Gresham Development Corporation (GADC) launched its Smart Communities Initiative with a digital and red carpet theme. With nearly 400 attendees, people of all economic and social make-up learned about Auburn Gresham’s digital platform and the resources made available to further develop them in Auburn Gresham.

Summer Program Graduates First Class

For the dozen teens gathered in the community room at Beloved Community Christian Church, the Youth Recognition Ceremony was yet another group activity that underscored and highlighted their capacity to learn and grow.

Youth See Tech's Leading Edge at IIT

High school students were all eyes when Tom Lord, a sophomore at Illinois Institute of Technology, drove a waist-high robot-on-wheels that looks more like a giant spool. "That's wild," said one participant in the Digital Youth Summer Jobs program.

How Can Tech Power Communities?

At an information technology conference in Chicago, a panel of presenters offered a clinic for techies on how to get involved with community issues. It was quickly apparent that information technology at that level can be a lot more than a sharp website for the local community development corporation.

Humboldt Park Primed for Tech Investment

When restaurant owner Tony Muñiz installed wi-fi for his customers, he wasn't sure whether it would be used. But a look around the busy room at lunch time shows he shouldn’t have worried.

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